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  • Products name: Know-how: Use of the spray pistol

An evenly applied surface coating is extremely important for the long-term durability of a wooden component. Exercise of proper spray pistol handling is second only to use of proper spraying equipment.

Correct spray pistol handling

Richtige Handhabung der Spritzpistole


  1. Nozzle always at a right angle to the surface
  2. Spray distance of 20 – 25 cm
  3. Always operate pistol at an even distance from the surface

Incorrect spray pistol handling

Falsche Handhabung der Spritzpistole


  1. Tilting the pistol causes a paint ridge to form that will lead to runs and streaks
  2. Spray distance too small or too big
  3. Swinging the pistol (creates varying coat thicknesses)