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  • Products name: Metallic Color Fluorocarbon Spray Wall Paint / building coating
  • Products ID: FTN3-33


Product Description



FEVE resin of high weathering resistance, HDI trimer, weathering resistant pigment and additives







  • High weathering and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent self-clean performance
  • High adhesion to bottom coating or substrate
  • High ductility, hardness and wear resistance
  • High washability
  • Excellent decoration performance
  • High water, mildew, acid and alkali resistance



Physical Parameters



Gloss 25-85/60°
Color Optional
Solid content ≥50%
Specific weight 1.1-1.4g/ml
Flash point (Closed) 23
Shelf life

cool, ventilated and dry place; Pot life is one year 

(component B is to be used up at one time once unpacked)

Theoretical coverage 5-7m2/kg




Application Scope




1. Surface treatment

        The surface of primer or substrate is dry, clean, flat, solid and free of any oil contaminant; Steel and iron surface finish is to be up to St3 or Sa2.5



2. Construction method


   Sprayer, brush or roller


3. Spray pressure
4. Nozzle diameter
  Gravity feed1.5-2.0mm
5. Construction condition
   Construction temperature is 5~35, and relative humidity is ≤ 75%; 
 Never proceed with construction in case of rain, snow, fog and strong wind. Never mix it with water and alcohols
6. Mixing ratio and curing time
  Main components: Curing agent=10:1 (mass ratio); cured for 20 minutes before use.
7. Duration of validity after mixing
  It is to be used up within 5 hours/(23±2) once mixed.
8. Thinner and dilution ratio
 Select special fluorocarbon paint thinner SF 2300; Dilution ratio is 40%-50% (mass ratio); guard against excessive dilution.
9. Drying time
  Surface drying: 1h; hard drying: ≤24h; full drying: ≤7d.



10. Supporting curing agent


  Special weathering resistant fluorocarbon cutting agent




Inspection Items

Technical Indicators



Pencil hardness


Impact resistance/cm




To be agreed


Artificial weatherig aging resistance/1000h



Non blistering, peeling and cracking




Color Collections


  Whatever surface you are going to protect, NH offers you high quality paints and coatings. Long lasting colors play a major role in the performance of a paint and coating. 


    We have a variety of different color collections, and our topcoats can also be provided in most RAL and other standard societies' colors.


    Our anticorrosive primers are available in a range of colors,  For details of color availability please contact us




Our Services


  • Offer COA & MSDS if you need
  • The date of delivery is assurable
  • Provide a video of construction if you need
  • Any question will receive our attention 
  • Free sample


NH paints:


  • Successfully covers surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks-just apply over our paints.
  • Is highly stable and elastic so it will not fading or crack over time.
  • Does not produce any unpleasant fumes or dust during or after application.  
  • Drying time is 12 to 48 hours depending on ventilation, temperature and humidity.
Company Information

Shanghai NH Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of oil paint with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. Our company was established in 2004 and registered the independent paint brand of "NH New Emperor" in 2008.

 Till now, we have strongly enhanced our market in chemical, textile, argriculture, building, biological, automotive field and so on. Our company has the industry's most advanced and sophisticated production facilities. Strict supervision on the quality of our products will make sure you're 100% satisfied with us.



Factory Overview




1. Why Choose us?

  • 100% factory products 
  • The delivery is assurable, the price is reasonable for we have our own factory
  • All our products is high performance and good quality
  • NH has more than 30 years experience in paints / coating , so we could offer professional scheme


2. What's  your MOQ (min order quantity) ?

    Our MOQ is 1000Kg, and we accept mixed order.



3. Sample is free?


      We offer free sample.  

      You could choose sample board or sample paint



4. Which certificates do you have?


         Usually, we have ISO 9001, ISO 12944, SGS , ROHS, CNAS, IAF, MSDS...

         We could help you to test the products according to your country's request.  



5. Any OEM service?


     Yes, we could packing the paints according to your request, add the LOGO.