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Powder Coating for Household Appliances


Product Descreption


It is made of saturated polyester resin/ curing agent or polyester resin/ epoxy resin, pigment, filler and additives through melting, extruding, grinding and processing.

Main features

Good leveling property and high gloss;

 Excellent physical and mechanical performance and resistance to chemicals.


It is applicable to the coating of air conditioners, refrigerators, micro-wave ovens, electromechanical equipment and products.

Product series

It can be made into series of products according to customers’ requirements, such as common powder with various glosses and colors, art powder and power coating with metal effect.







Technical indexes

Residue on sieve %125 μm

0 or under negotiation

Color and appearance of paint film

The paint film should be smooth but slight orange peel is allowed and the color should meet the color difference specified.


≥2 H

Gloss (60°)

High gloss ≥86, semi gloss 21-85, matt ≤20

Bending mm


Adhesive force (1×1 mm) Grade 6×6


Impact resistance kg.cm


Salt spray resistance 1,000 h

≤ Grade 1

Damp-heat resistance 1,000 h

≤ Grade 1

Film thickness μm


Surface prepartion

The corresponding treatment method should be used based on the substrates, such as phosphating, chromizing, shot blasting or sand blasting

1. The surface roughness should be 30 ~70 μm if reaching Grade Sa2.5 by shot blasting or sand blasting.

2. Phosphating: degreasing- derusting- neutralizing- surface control- phosphating- passivating

Appearance of phosphating film: The phosphating film should be crystallized densely, continuously and evenly.

3. Chromizing: degreasing- rinsing- immersion cleaning- deoxidating- rinsing- chromizing

Method of Application

It is applicable to high voltage electrostatic spraying

Spraying voltage: 50-90 kV; air pressure for spraying: 0.1-0.2 Mpa; distance between the gun and workpiece: 200-300 mm

Curing condition: 180-200℃/10-15 minutes or customized according to customers’ requirements.

Additional coating: spraying and curing should be made after polishing the omitted part with sand paper and spraying the whole surface.

Safety measures

The inhalation of dusts should be avoided when using the powder paint regardless of the non-toxic features. Operators are suggested to wear suitable dust masks and protective goggles. If possible, never touch the powder paint for a long time and remove the paint on skin with soap.

Storage period

It should be stored in a dry and well ventilated place under 30℃ and avoid direct sunshine; the warranty period of the product lasts for 18 months since the date of production. Re-inspection should be made if it exceeds the specified period. The products exceeding the specified period can still be used as long as they meet the requirements.


1. The sprayed surface should be clean, and free from water, acid, alkali or oil;

2. All tools used during the application should be dry and clean;

3. It is a MUST to use the powder paint of the same variety in the same kind and mixing with other varieties is strictly prohibited;

4. The curing condition should meet the specified requirements; otherwise, the film cannot meet requirements. The temperature for curing refers to actual temperature of workpiece and the time refers to the insulation time after the workpiece reaches specified temperature; and

5. The application site should be well ventilated and protective equipment required should be worn.


In order to use this project correctly, please read Product Manual carefully.


The materials and data of products above are obtained through tests and experience, and thus can be used as application guidance. Since the service conditions of products are not controlled by us, we do not guarantee the information above. We shall have the rights to modify the Product Manual according to the constant improvement of the product.

Packaging & Delivery



Packaging Details:

uv varnish for pvc wood floor is packed in bucket, 
Net weight is 20 kg per bucket. 
Size: 30cm*30cm*37cm 
A 20 ft container could load 14 tons; 
A 40 ft container could load 30 tons.

Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 15 days after payment




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